Wednesday, June 4, 2008

ABC Wednesday - T

A bit later this week as I am operating on U.S. Eastern Time but hey Mrs Nesbitt got in really early with a post late on Monday this week as she is at the TT races, so there is no competition really.

'T' is for Tour de France.

Am I cheating by missing off the ‘Le’? Actually I don’t think so and probably don't really care as these are the photos that I have decided to post anyway.

Last year Le Tour De France actually took in some of good old Angleterre and Mrs DeeJay and I set out in glorious sunshine to sit outside of a pub some 10 miles away (and yes we DID cycle there – and I think back again but that is a little hazy) to wait for the super fit cyclists to arrive. They were not on schedule as advertised so many a pleasant hour was spent drinking, eating pub lunch and more drinking before the arrival of the ‘entourage’ selling baseball caps, posters and all sorts of merchandise announced that they were getting close.

And then ….. in the distance – Here they come

Here they are

After about a minute and a half there they were – GONE! With just an army of supporters and spare bikes etc. the only traffic left on the road.

I wonder when they will be back on English soil again, and I wonder if I will bother to go and see them again. I suppose it depends on the weather and the beer!

If you want to take part in ABC Wednesday or simply see more alphabet themed photos, then visit Mrs Nesbitt's place


ellen b said...

Very funny T post and it probably would be even funnier after a pint or two. Enjoy!!

For The People said...

Cool. Funny T post.

Merelyme said...

ABC wednesday? that sounds fun...let me check it out.

jmb said...

Weren't you lucky Deejay? I love Le Tour and watch it avidly every year, every day. Of course it's been so marred for the past few years but I still love it.

Liz said...

Did you see my son-in-law? He was cycling in that.