Friday, June 6, 2008

WooHoo - coming home!

I am sitting in the Boston airport lounge waiting to be called for my homeward flight. Should get in around 9 p.m. tonight with any luck as it seems that yesterday's weather delays have been lifted.
It has been a long and particularly tough week this week with many changes taking place at work. I was pleasantly surprised with my own situation which I had expected to be one of planned removal from the project that I have been working on. But have been asked to consider about six different prospects as it seems my experience is still sought. A good end to the week.

Wednesday night was a bit of a stress reliever with some of my team. Something that would be impossible to do home in the UK. One of the team has a veritable arsenal of rifles and hand guns which six of us took to his local range. Now I have shot rifles before when I belonged to a target shooting club in the UK some 15 years ago but I have never shot semi automatic rifles nor the array of hand guns that he had. Some of those were such monsters (e.g. .357 Magnum I think). It was a terrific way to de-stress and to pose a personal challenge.

Less than two weeks to go now for my annual holiday. Mrs DeeJay and I are going to Tanzania for a 7 day safari and then to a beach on Zanzibar for a week to chill and hopefully get some sun, lots of swimming and snorkelling and some new food experiences - can't wait!


Chervil said...

Going to Tanzania sounds like a wonderful adventure! I hope you have a great time.

mrsnesbitt said...

There's no journey like the journey home!
We had a WONDERFUL holiday but the ride home was the best!