Monday, June 2, 2008

Will this be my last Transatlantic business trip?

So I am at 39000 feet once again over the Atlantic with the sunshine streaming in through the, what is it a porthole or a window? I am sorry to say that I am unable to match either the pilot’s prose or the photos of Dave at Flight Level 390

Having just taken advantage of the in flight lunch complete with a G&T (Tanqueray of course) and a couple of glasses of Tempranillo, and before starting some work I thought what a unique position to be in for my next blog posting when I arrive at my hotel and synchronise my laptop.

Another long day in store, having risen at 5:15 this morning for the car journey to Heathrow airport (thankfully still T4 rather than T5) after eight and a half hours it is still only 09:45 where I am heading to on the east coast of the USA. Arriving at just after 13:00 with a couple of hours drive to my eventual destination, I should be there at about 21:00 UK time. As this will only be about 16:00 local time there is no way that I will be able to go to bed so I will shower, check up on emails, post this blog and go out for dinner. I will probably hit the sack at about 22:00 (03:00 local time) and still be lucky if by courtesy of jet lag, I get more that about 5 hours straight sleep.

So will this the be the last of these tortuous trips? Due to major cost cutting, my company has imposed not only a “business critical only” travel policy but also an edict that instead of allowable business class travel for these 22 hour marathon ‘waking to sleeping’ days, we will also have to travel Economy class in future.

I don’t think so!!!! I am sorry Charlie but if you want me to put myself out for two of those flights at either end of a week and to be away from Mrs DeeJay for 5 days then I will not be travelling in that class. Also would I be able to do the work that I am planning to do whilst cramped in Economy – again I don’t think so.


Further on up the road said...

Suck it up pal.... suck it up.... :-)

jmb said...

Leave it to the young ones, I say, if it has to be economy. The cheapskates.