Monday, January 28, 2008

Another new week

Where does the time go? I can't believe we are nearly at the end of January. It only seems like last week we were still on Christmas holiday.
Just had a good but very busy weekend as the weather was so nice. I spent a good deal of both days in the garden pruning fruit trees and shrubs. I hope I haven't gone too mad as things look a bit bare now, but I think they will grow back OK.
I also went out on my motorbike on Saturday for the first time this year. I waited for the temperature to rise a little and went for a 90 mile run. I just happened to call in at the Honda dealer that I bought the bike from nearly 3 years ago and was tempted to get a price for trade in against a new one. I am also going to the annual MCN Bike show at Excel in the Docklands on Thursday so I am beginning to feel that I am going to succumb to buying a new one for the March registration!! I wonder if I should really discuss this with Mrs DeeJay first - I know damn well I should , but .........

Just read Cynnie's new post about her new bifocals and very sexy they are too. It reminds me that I haven't updated you on my new Varifocals that I posted about last year. Well after the minor disorientation associated with the peripheral distortion and the seriously dangerous first descents of stairs when you feel as though you are about to fall, my final conclusion is that they are great. I now see well at all 3 distances without having to keep changing my glasses andI wish I had tried them before. It's also great to see people at a distance and actually recognise who they are!

Off to a Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings gig tonight with a couple of guys from the office - hoping for a good show and further inspiration to keep me at my guitar lessons.


Cynnie said...

I cant get use to the distance lens and the reading lens!
walking off of curbs terrifies me!!

it's easier to be blind as a bat

Liz said...

You really should mention it to mrs deejay you know ...