Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Last night's gig

Bill Wyman was his usual laid back, musically brilliant self last night when playing at Dartford with his 'Rhythm Kings'.
Included in the line up along with a couple of fantastic sax players and a superb singer, was Terry Taylor, Albert Lee and Dennis Locorriere from Dr Hook. They were obviously enjoying themselves playing close on 2 hours with a set containing blues, rock, and even some Lonnie Donnegan skiffle.
Have you ever noticed how much like Lonnie, Albert Lee looks?


Further on up the road said...

err no. you sure your specs are the right prescription mate? :-)

Anonymous said...

Sounds fabulous. Nothing like live music - we don't get to enough, or haven't done. Last one was Marty Wilde and Joe Brown in Oxford and it was knock out!

Cynnie said...

I've only been to the one concert in my whole life..

I'm dying to see the gipsy kings though

Merelyme said...

just stopping by to say howdy! i haven't seen a live concert since...umm...barney. blue's clues. oh right...they don't count. :>)