Wednesday, December 19, 2007

New Glasses

I have been wearing my new prescription glasses since last Saturday and have tried Varifocals this time.

I got well and truly fed up with having three pairs. One for reading, one for distance and one pair of bifocals for computer screen work and reading small amounts on the desk while using the screen. The biggest problem was when I went to a meeting and someone was projecting stuff on the screen and I also wanted to make notes about what I was seeing and hearing. I needed the distance glasses to see the projection but couldn’t see my notebook or vice versa.

I now have a pair of these Varifocals that have all three prescriptions in them and I think they are wonderful. I am still trying to get used to the fact that there is always distortion to the sides of the lenses and you have to remember to actually turn your head to face stuff straight on as opposed to just swivelling your eyes to the side, but the benefit of having all 3 distances at my control with just a simple small rise or fall of my head is amazing. The above mentioned meeting problem has gone, as is the totally embarrassing situation of seeing someone at the end of the corridor and not recognising them when they acknowledge me from a distance.

I haven't forgotten that I was tagged by Furtheron and will attempt to get the meme completed before Xmas (sorry Liz I mean Christmas)


Liz said...

I'll forgive you!

It took Husband a while to get used to varifocals. He still has umpteen pairs and is always asking me where his glasses are.

Beaman said...

I'm new to wearing glasses after coming to realise the embarrassment of not knowing who the hell was waving at me, or if they'd even been waving at me in the first place.

Therefore I figured before I got punched by some possessive boyfriend after accidentally waving at his girlfriend, I had better visit the opticians.

Bernie said...

I've been wearing glasses similar to those for mroe than 10 years now and I wouldn't have it any other way. It took several weeks to get used to them, but you will eventually learn to adjust without thinking about it. Just be extra careful when walking down stairs.