Wednesday, December 24, 2008

ABC Wednesday

For today's special Christmas Eve edition of ABC Wednesday and the letter W, I seem to have found rather a lot of W photos in my album
So in no particular order we have :-

W for WHITE Cat whose name is actually Ceefer ( C for Cat - get it? He also has Nelly "Furtado" and Cat "Deeley")
He is my youngest son's cat and the story behind the picture is that he was entered into the RSPCA's 2009 calendar competition and won - guess what Christmas presents YS and his girlfriend are giving?

Back to the Safari theme again with W for Wildebeest

and also W for Water Buffalo

I also have pictures from the visit Mrs DeeJay and I made to the 2007 tennis tournament with W for Wimbledon

and lastly back to nature with a relatively frequent visitor to our garden W for Woodpecker ( strictly speaking I suppose a Green Woodpecker but hey what the heck)

If you want to participate in ABC Wednesday Round 3, then pop along to Mrs Nesbitt's blog of the same name and either share some of your own photos or simply visit the other participants and enjoy their stunning photos

Hoping you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year


antigoni said...

Excellent post! Wish you Merry Christmas.

jmb said...

Merry Christmas Deejay.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Beautiful cat and I llove the woodpecker pic. Buon Natale .