Friday, December 26, 2008

Is it all over for another year?

Well not in this householed its not!
Would you believe it, its Boxing Day lunchtime and we still haven't exchanged our Christmas presents!!
Yesterday was sooo busy with a visit from Mrs DeeJay's mother, sister, brother-in-law, nephew and niece as well as her son staying for the holiday, plus the fact that we overslept that we did not have time to exchange presents before the visitors arrived. We of course exchanged presents with them, but did not feel that it was fair to make them sit through Mrs DeeJay, me and stepson exchanging ours that we decided to wait until today and are looking forward to this afternoon to have Christmas all over again!

Mrs DeeJay is running a 10K race on Sunday whilst I journey 230 miles to Somerset and back again to collect my mother for a week with us over the New Year. So she is out getting some race practice this morning and I went to the allotment to clear the dead runner bean plants and canes. Like always when I want to do a job, there is always another one to get in the way! Before piling the dead shoots etc in the compost bins, I decided that it really was time to empty them first. So 2 hours later I now have a mountain (well small hill) of super compost to spread when we dig over. I was also joined for most of the time by a beautiful thrush who came so close to me while I was turning out the compost bin and was not at all afraid whilst he feasted on the worms and grubs that I was exposing.
Unfortunately once again I did not have my camera but took these shots of my compost 'hill' and the thrush with my mobile phone

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Merelyme said...

Hey there! I want to wish you and Mrs. Deejay a very Happy Holiday! I don't wish to be a scrooge but I am sort of glad it is almost over with. And I am looking forward to spring!