Wednesday, June 11, 2008

ABC Wednesday - U

U is for Underwater
This one is 3 of my 7 goldfish in our garden pond
I can't believe the size that they are now compared to the little tiddlers they were when we first bought them.

And these are from a holiday we had in The Maldives, a pity that the camera picks up particles in the water that the eye does not see

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Bear Naked said...

Your U post is Unique.

We also have a pond with many many many fish.
We started with 12 and now have over 50 and we have given away an additional 20.
I think the original fish were part rabbit.

leslie said...

The first Underwater post I've seen yet. Hope you had a great time in the Maldives.

reader Wil said...

I once tried to take photos of fish in a pond, but I couldn't! So I think you are very clever to take two such pictures.

Dragonstar said...

Oh well done! Lovely underwater photos.

Louis la Vache said...

UniqUe bUt natUral take on "U"-Wednesday!

"LoUis" did Urban Art.

Petunia said...


Petunia's ABC