Monday, March 17, 2008

Latest set of apologies

So sorry to be such a intermittent blogger these days but my holiday, week off sick followed by yet another week of business travel to the U.S. has taken my eye off the blogging ball. I have however continued to keep up to date with all of my favourite reads - they are what keep me sane on these trips!

What a great sporting weekend. Some good rugby with a well deserved Grand Slam for Wales. An F1 Grand Prix that is once again a good spectacle from the viewing perspective now that the removal of the "driver aids" makes them actually put some driving skills back into the race. It was a pity that the intervention of the Race Car bunched the field up to conceal the real result of that skill, but hey that's life.

Got to ride my new bike into work today as the weather has started to improve a little bit. In truth I may have chickened out and used the car if I didn't have to take it back into the dealer to have the alarm/immobiliser fitted that they "forgot" to fit on delivery as it was actually raining when I left home. But I am now glad that I did as it didn't rain for long and it is now a beautiful day - its the long way home for me tonight.

A funny story from last week - Several of my colleagues took me out for lunch on Thursday to a fantastic BBQ place where they smoke the meats overnight and serve them in all sorts of ways with all sorts of BBQ sauces. I returned to the office with my coat smelling like a smoke house! Well one of the guys hat joined us was introduced to me and I was informed he was a vegetarian!!! We tucked into gorgeous pulled smoked pork, beef and ribs while he ate beans and corn bread. It was such a weird thing but I thought it was great of him to still join us when it would have been so easy for him to duck out.

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Liz said...

A great weekend for Wales!

Sounds like a good meal.