Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Now I have seen it all!!!

Recently there has been quite a lot of discussion about the completely nonsensical placement of TV news presenters in locations that are supposed to convey the context of a news story to us idiots who in the eyes of the producers would not understand it if the presenter was simply in a studio. An example is that when discussing rising petrol prices they have to put the presenter on a wet and windy forecourt of a filling station just in case we don't understand what they mean by petrol.

Well last night on our local news program there was a story about a poor unfortunate guy who went missing several weeks ago after a night out with the lads. Apparently his body was found yesterday in a local river, so the studio newsreader passed control to a reporter at the riverside. The said reporter was live at the river bank, which considering it was after 6 p.m. was in darkness with therefore nothing to see. However to top it all, the reporter started his broadcast with the words "a body was found in the river about 3 miles west of here"!!!! What was the point?

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Liz said...

It's the way they stand there and use their hands to help us understand. Or sentences appear on the screen behind them as they say it just to make sure you're getting the point. Pah! I just listen to the news on radio 4 these days.