Friday, March 7, 2008

Where has RESPECT gone?

So twice this week in my very limited radio listening I have heard variations on this theme.
Firstly there was a phone-in about the growing appearance of signs indicating intolerance to staff abuse and that instances will be reported to the Police. In the ensuing conversations it became obvious that there are many people out there who think it is quite in order to berate and abuse 'customer service' staff.
This morning I heard the news report that members of the Royal Air Force in the U.K. have been instructed to wear civilian clothes when off base owing to the number of abusive comments and threats being made to them as a result of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts.

I am speechless! And many of my colleagues will tell you that's a first.

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fake consultant said...

i have in the past been the tech support person on the other end of the line, and it is indeed true that callers feel more powerful when on the phone than they might in person.

but in fairness, it is amazingly frustrating to deal with getting things fixed over the phone--especially when the problem is being bounced between the hardware company and the software company...and both claim it's the other comapny's fault.