Monday, February 4, 2008

A sad sporting weekend

Oh dear what a let down in the rugby against “the old enemy” at that, however I must concede that we didn’t deserve to win after the abysmal showing in the 2nd half!

I was so glad that I didn’t have a ticket as I think my first ever visit to England’s Headquarters for such a sad scoreline might have put me off for ever J

Also my adopted team (New England Patriots), who play with the same shaped ball but in another world, lost in the final minutes of the SuperBowl to the New York Giants thereby ending their unbeaten run of 18 wins and the elusive record of a 19-0 season.

On a brighter front, this weekend being much nicer on the weather front, although a little too cold for my liking, saw Mrs DeeJay and I doing more garden clearance and buying this season’s seed potatoes. 1st Early = Maris Peer, 2nd Early = Maris Piper, Main Crop = Desiree and Salad = Charlotte. All we need now whilst they are chitting up is to get some decent weather to dry the allotment which is doing a great impression of a bog at the moment so I can dig in some compost.

I also went back to my local Honda dealer and managed to beat him up to improve his trade in offer for my current bike and it is looking like I will clinch the deal for a new model later this week. Oh, and yes I did take all of your kindly offered advice and have discussed the impending purchase with Mrs Deejay. But you knew I would anyway didn’t you?

Want to see it?


Anonymous said...

Very smart, enjoy, and please be careful!

Liz said...

Nice machine.

Guess the sweet chariot is swinging a little lower this week.

I love Desiree and Charlotte pots. Yum.

BumbleVee said...

does she ride pillion? ... darn those tiny highrider positions knees couldn't take it anymore... after several different bikes...each with progressively more ridiculous seats that were getting more like "not" seats.. til the Ducati, which was a joke...finally, I got my licence and bought my own bike. I am probably older than you and still just a kid at heart. Wish the knees were young again...