Monday, December 3, 2007

Oh What a Day!

I have just got home from my annual Bluewater (Shopping Mall) Christmas present buying pilgrimage. Due to the work travel itinerary and Mrs DeeJay's illness last week I am at least 2 weeks later this year and boy did it show!
As usual I got there at 9 a.m. (more about that in a minute or two) in time for a leisurely breakfast and to plot my route of attack. I don't know why but I really was not as ready with ideas to hunt down as I usually am so I was starting with almost a blank sheet of paper.
Still, suitably fed and watered I hit the floor at 10 a.m. along with several thousand other like minded imbeciles. Good old John Lewis and M&S made short work of about 70% of the list. I decided it was time to dump the first pile of bags that were slowly but surely stretching my arms, into the boot of the car. I stopped off on the way back in for a glass of Rioja and some Tapas in a super little Spanish style bar and set off again for a second round of the triangular mall to sweep up the remaining 30%.
Two circuits of upper and lower malls, over a 5 hour period including lunch, I think I made it to within about 5% - Amazon here I come!

So what happened on the way there this morning? Well I think I will definitely know all about it tomorrow morning.
As it is Mrs DeeJay's birthday tomorrow, I thought that instead of attending my usual 6:45 a.m. Spinning class tomorrow, I booked myself in for this morning's at the same time to follow it with a leisurely steam or sauna and then to get to Bluewater for 9 a.m.
When I got to the gym, instead of the usual 10 to 12 keen Spinners, I was the only one booked in!! Matt, the instructor gave me the option of ducking out and doing a workout on the gym floor or having a 1:1 Spinning class. I opted for the 1:1 (was that a macho thing or what?). I certainly regretted it. It was the most vicious Spin I have ever done - there was nowhere to hide and he just kept driving me on. And yes still Mr macho, I kept on going.
After 45 minutes I had burned 783 calories, averaged a 148 heart rate which maxed out at 179!
As I said I think my legs are going to know all about it tomorrow.


Further on up the road said...

Friday wasn't too bad until about noon when they all piled in.

Anonymous said...

Bluewater is hell on Earth ... I leave all my shopping till Christmas eve then do it at late night garages...

Merelyme said...

i know i am so out of it...but what exactly is "spinning"?

DeeJay said...

Spinning is a crazy but incredibly addictive aerobic class that you do on static bikes that have a large flywheel which you can restrict by turnig a resistance knob to make it seem as though you are pedalling uphill. It is done to loud music and the beat helps keep the timing to your pedalling
See here