Saturday, December 1, 2007

A Little Disappointed and Depressed

This weekend I should have been taking Mrs DeeJay away for a long weekend as a surprise to Edinburgh for her birthday. Unfortunately she has been unwell all week and the weekend has always been at risk. Lo and behold, come Friday when we should have been flying, she seemed to be even worse and we made the sensible decision to cancel.

It is now Saturday afternoon and our decision has been vindicated as she is really not any better and is alternating between the settee and bed, so I am on TLC duty in a big way this weekend as I know she is probably more disappointed than I am.

I have just been into the garden and look what I have found -

it’s the first of December and we have Hyacinths coming up!!! What is going on?

I am also suffering with sore fingers today. My first guitar lesson ahs done the trick and given me the incentive to practice daily so that I can show some development next Wednesday at ‘lesson 2’. The chords and strumming pattern that I am learning are supposed to lead me to be able to play House of The Rising Sun. Hmmm, not sure I can hear it yet, but hey early days.


Merelyme said...

oh i love that song...maybe i will try to play it on my keyboard.

i am so sorry about the missus. can you go at another time?

Further on up the road said...

First chord is Am isn't it?

Looks blankly remembering aweful lunchtime lessons with 20 other hopefull Jimmy Pages in 1975...

I always like Frigid Pinks version best anyways.