Monday, December 10, 2007

BA Lounge – AGAIN!

I am writing this at 1 p.m. on Sunday having just finished my complimentary lunch and now drinking my second glass of Rioja courtesy of British Airways on my way to Tokyo for my second visit to our office there. I will post when I next connect to the internet. It makes me feel quite sad to have left Mrs DeeJay at home on a Sunday. Although my company allows me an additional day off for travelling on a weekend it really doesn’t help that much if Mrs DeeJay is at work herself!

I spent several hours yesterday putting up my outdoor Christmas lights as if I waited until I got home next weekend it would really be getting too late. I got absolutely drenched for 2 hours up a ladder, but they do look good. I thought I would have a relatively easy job of putting them up as I remembered that after 3 years of struggling to re-attach clips that snap on to the rain guttering (always in the cold, leaving my fingertips raw), I had left the clips attached when I took them down last year. However when I got the lights out of the loft space I asked Mrs DeeJay what the two new boxes of lights were. Oh Dear senility strikes again! She said, “don’t you remember that you bought them last year in the after Christmas sale?” Well I couldn’t not put them up after that could I so what did I have to do – yep spend 45 minutes in the cold and wet getting raw fingertips taking the clips off the old lights and putting them on to the new. Still it was worth it and if it is a drier weekend next weekend I will take some photos.

Maybe I will get some time in Tokyo to post from there again. Now that I know the lie of the land a little better, I will try to do some different sight seeing in the evenings this time.

Well as you can now read this, you know I have arrived safely. I have just come back from a small shopping trip and managed to get youngest son a PS3 Dual Schock Controller. What? I hear you ask. Well don’t ask me I just followed orders! But it is apparently not only cheaper here but they have actually got stock which is more than the shops in the UK have.


Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said...

It's all right for some, i'n it?

Colin Campbell said...

Putting up lights in the rain sounds very seasonal. Glad you weren't electrocuted. Has the Government not banned this kind of carbon emitting indulgence. Did you have to plant some trees to assuage your guilt?

Further on up the road said...

Thanks for reminding me about the day-in-lieu thing. I keep traveling on Sundays/Saturdays and forgetting.

Have a good one - see you next week, when we'll both be in the same continent for a change.

Further on up the road said...

P.S. I've tagged you - see my blog

Liz said...

I feel privileged to have such jet-setters amongst my acquaintances.