Thursday, December 20, 2007

Tagged Again!

I was tagged by Furtheron

1. Do you put up a real tree or artificial?
Artificial – I can’t stand all those needles falling, even on the “non drop” trees. However I do love the smell of a real tree in the warmth of the room.

2. When do you put up your tree?
Usually around the middle of December but this year has been a bit odd with all the travelling I have been doing and I have put up the tree and house lights in stages.

3. When do you take down the tree?
Usually the weekend before returning to work as I can’t stand the thought of having to do it when I come home at night after a day’s work.

4. Do you like eggnog?

5. Favourite gift received as a child?
Blimey – Amazing coincidence with Furtheron here as a bit like his castle, my most treasured gift was a fort and soldiers. Unlike Furtheron, I don’t still have it.

6. Worst Christmas gift ever received?
A really naff wine cooler from my brother which then became the basis of a joke between us as we strove for the best way to disguise it as we passed it between us each alternative Christmas.

7. Favourite Christmas movie?
The Snowman even though it is only 26 minutes long

8. Have you ever recycled a present?
Only the wine cooler

9. Favourite thing to eat at Christmas?
Christmas Pudding

10. Favourite Christmas song?
Gaudete by Steeleye Span

11. Most annoying thing about this time of year?
The continual commercial push of Christmas instead of the priority of goodwill and happiness.

12. What you love most about the holiday?
Brisk Christmas Day walks in the cold fresh air to walk off the lunch!

13. How many reindeer did Santa have?
Eight I think

14. Best Christmas memory?
The first year that my children really understood what it was all about and the early morning “can we open our presents now?” It was only 2 a.m.

15. If you could have one Christmas wish what would it be?
To spend it together with both my sons

I tag - Merelyme who I know loves this stuff from time to time and I hope it will help pull her through her current low.


Further on up the road said...

Remind me to make sure I never join a secret santa with you.... I might get the bloody wine cooler for which I'd have no practical use either.

Bernie said...

Good idea. I just posted my version of this.

Merry Christmas!