Sunday, December 16, 2007

Home from Tokyo

Sorry that last one is a bit blurred but I took it from a moving vehicle - hence the signal gantry captured as well!

Although I just love the place, find it absolutely fascinating and would really love to get back there again to see some more of the country, I am certainly glad to be home. The 12 hour flight and a time zone difference of 9 hours certainly plays havoc with your mind and body!

I am glad that Blogger has decided that I am English again and isn’t giving me loads of unintelligible Kanji character buttons and instructions when I am posting. That was awfully confusing.

So now that I am back, I have realised just how close Christmas is and I am spending most of this weekend dressing the tree, wrapping pressies and getting my final Xmas cards posted.

I also need to cram some guitar practice in as I have another lesson on Wednesday and due to not having my guitar with me, I still have not mastered the homework from last week. I am getting better at remembering chords and even getting the transitions without too big a delay, but I am really struggling with the strumming pattern he has given me for House of The Rising Sun. I seem to be going up when I should be going down and vice versa.


Casdok said...

Wow! Bet you had a great time!

Unpremeditated said...

Ah, glad to see someone else struggling with music lessons. I'm currently trying to re-teach myself basic piano. Thank God my keyboard has an earphone slot - it's the only thing keeping me from driving the neighbours insane with the racket.

Colin Campbell said...

I used to love my short trips to Tokyo for work. Thank goodness it was on my companies expense, given how expensive some of the hotels are. Merry Christmas to you.