Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sorry for the delay in posting my Tokyo photos but I seem to have such a lot of work on at the moment I am not getting much chance to post or even read my regular blogs, so apologies to all of you who think perhaps I have deserted you.

I am back in the U.S. again next week so things are not going to get much better very quickly.

So anyway back to Tokyo. Here are some photos taken there: -

First some skyscrapers. Can you believe this is an earthquake zone! We actually had a tremor on our first day – earth tremor that is, don’t be so smutty!

A Japanese Dinner. I can only describe it as a beef Fondue, but in boiling water instead of oil.

Another night we dined on Kobe Beef at a Teppenyaki restaurant which was a load of fun.

Street Scenes. They were so colourful and immaculately clean. I literally only saw one single piece of litter the whole time I was there!

Piéce de Résistance. Well we just HAD to do it – Karaoke!! But we were well oiled before we did. Come to think of it, during as well.

Other recent news.

Californian Fires. I am so glad, in fact relieved, that they are now all but doused. Not only for all of those poor people who either lost their lives, were either made homeless or were severely threatened by the fires, but my eldest son is a firefighter in San Diego and was in the heart of it all. Although I know he has been well trained I couldn’t help but worry about him all week. He worked several 32 hour shifts on the fire line and although his crew lost some houses they managed to save others and had no loss of life on their patch.

My Baby IS BACK! I collected my beautifully repaired bike yesterday and besides the fact that there is nearly 10,000 miles on the clock it looks like new. Most of the fairing panels were replaced as well as the footpegs, gear change lever etc and it looks as though it has just come out of the showroom again. Maybe the moron who crashed into it did me a favour?

My 30 minute journey home from the garage took me at least an hour and a half – it was so good to be riding a real bike again J


Liz said...

My, you and Furtheron are such jet-setters these days!

I'm glad your son is safe. it must have been worrying.

Unpremeditated said...

Fantastic photos. I'm still drooling from the mere sight of the food.

Count James d'Estaing said...

Must have felt good climbing back on and opening her up.

Ian Appleby said...

The Imaginary Friend and I had just had to decide to cross Japan off our trip to the Far East next year, and now I see this...

Glad you're enjoying your bike; my new (to me) purchase - a DR650 - is in the bad books.

Cynnie said...


I got the postcards!..
you are the sweetest man in all the world !..
I'm glad your son is safe..
my sis in law and all her family are safe too ..
thats really all we can ever hope for

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Great photos. Only one piece of litter - must be wonderful. You must have been dreadfully worried about your son and I am relieved for you both now. Glad you've got your baby back!