Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Another Letter from America

Well here I am again on the East coast of the USA.

With my 3rd international flight in 3 weeks, my body seems to be getting used to the travelling as I managed a full night’s sleep on the second night this time!

There is a bonus to this week’s trip and the heavy work that we are accomplishing, which is that we are meeting and therefore staying at a spa hotel and I managed to find some time yesterday evening for a massage. Aha maybe that is why I slept so well last night! I could get used to this as it follows hot on the heels of a wedding anniversary weekend with Mrs DeeJay at another spa in the UK. My muscles have never been so relaxed and my skin so smooth.

I missed out on my BA miles and points this trip as there were no seats available when I wanted to travel so I had to take an American Airlines flight. Maybe it was because this was my first flight with them and they want me back, but they upgraded me on both legs of the trip to First Class - A result!!

I will be home on Friday night and I think I may well be home based until mid December when it looks as though I will be re-visiting Tokyo


Cynnie said...

east coast rocks !

Merelyme said...

oh you sound like you are having so much fun! i have never been to a spa...that sounds wonderful.

lady macleod said...

Isn't it lovely? I was just there, and the fall colors were spectacular. I thought I was doing some heavy flying but you seem to be really stacking up the miles. Stay safe and well.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

You do sound relaxed - must be the spa treatments! hope you are home safe and sound now.

Anonymous said...

My goodness, Mr Gadabout Sir! What an amazing time your are having in the name of work. I am glad to see you are taking in the sights of the places you visit and not just moaning about 'another city / another hotel room / they're all the same', as the previous Mr Shirl used to do, incessantly...while I stayed home. LOL.

Thanks for sticking by me of late, Ageis.