Monday, July 9, 2007

A Little Bit of France in South East England

Sunday was the 3rd time that Le Tour de France has visited the shores of England.

The first time was in 1974, when the authorities deemed it “impossible” to contemplate road closures as it would be far too problematic so the cyclists had to repeatedly cycle up and down the newly completed but as yet unopened Plymtree by-pass. Then again in 1994 and now 13 years later they were here again. This time far from refusing to close roads, it seemed that at least half of Kent was closed off!

However, undeterred and prompted by superb weather, Mrs DeeJay and I dusted off, oiled and mounted our own trusty steeds (they have not been on the road for probably over a year!) and cycled about 7 miles to a vantage point on the route. How convenient that just at that access point there was a convenient pub with good beer and a lunch menu with a well placed grassed area from which to see the race.

Some 2 hours ahead of the cyclists we began to see the “caravanne” of team support vehicles, sponsors and carnival like vehicles along with dozens of English and French motorcycle police. It was a good job that we didn’t blink as the cyclists came past at they did so at a tremendously fast pace and were gone again within 20 seconds.

Just time for one more pint and then the cycle home again. After going to the gym in the morning, cycling nearly 15 miles, to say nothing of the beer, I slept like a log last night!!


Liz said...

Son-in-law did the amateur ride the previous Sunday. It's a good job Daughter wasn't navigating for him as she thought he ended in Cambridge.

She's her mother's daughter.

SiL also mentioned that the French retarmac roads ready for Le Tour and that he didn't think the French cyclists would be very impressed with our roads.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for your kind comment - I'll pop by for a longer read later.