Tuesday, July 3, 2007

My New Discovery AND Inspiration

I expect that many of you guys out there will be telling me that I am way behind in the street cred stakes as I have only just discovered Rod & Gab.
However I think that they are awesome and have inspired me even more to try to bring forward one of my retirement plans to learn to play the guitar. If you haven't heard them before, there are plenty of these on YouTube. Just listen to some of them without watching the video and you will believe that there is at least a trio if not a quartet playing!

So watch out Furtheron, I will be looking for advice on the best way to get started pretty soon :-)


Further on up the road said...

First thing mate is you won't be playing like this is the first week.... :-)

Liz said...

Rod and Gab?

Age is All in the Mind said...

Sorry Liz, I was assuming it would show up when playing the YouTube clip but it doesn't.

Rodrigo y Gabriella - enjoy if you like guitar music.

Anonymous said...

oh wow...guitar! i decided to try to play too this past christmas...i got my old acoustic guitar which i had bought eons ago and never learned how to play..tuned and some instructional books and videos and...

well...it just seems so terribly difficult. maybe it is just me. my fingers will just not go into all those crazy positions. i kinda like piano a lot more...it makes much more intuitive sense to me.

anyway...there is nothing sexier than a guy who plays guitar so go for it!

Anonymous said...

We have husband's electric guitar on show in the lounge - he was learning before we met but had a bad back that prevented him playing. Now we've settled in Bristol, he wants to find a teacher again - when he's well enough! Ill-health - the destroyer of dreams.

Hope you get yours.