Wednesday, April 4, 2007


I dropped my fucking bike this morning!

Another lovely day here today, so I got my bike out of the garage, parked it on the side stand while I put on helmet etc and then when I took hold of the handlebar to get on - it bloody fell over. I obviously did not put the stand down properly.
Of course 218 kg even without the full tank of fuel is not easy to lift so I had to embarrassingly enlist the help of my neighbout to get it upright again.
Not only have I broken the nearside mirror and added a few scrapes to the fairing, it was stuck in gear so I must have damaged the gear change lever some how. I managed to eventually get it out of gear and back into the garage but NOW I can't get it in gear so can't ride it to my dealer for repair.
I suppose I will have to call out the AA rescue services - on a Bank Holiday weekend!!! - to get me to the dealer.

I am NOT fucking happy.


Cynnie said...

I'm sorry baby..

Love the postcards btw!

Liz said...

My first thought was: you shouldn't have tried juggling with it!

Aw, but I can see it's serious - and it would have been a perfect weekend for biking - except there'll be lots of crowds so not a good weekend really.

Hope you get it sorted soon and back to pristine condition.

Have a great easter nonetheless.

Further on up the road said...

Oh dear.

That kind of weekend the sons Xbox has died. And can he find the receipt so we can go back to the shop we got it from.... Of course not.

Age is All in the Mind said...

Thanks guys for your caring

I have fixed the gear change and now need to save the pennies to replace a badly scuffed fairing.