Friday, February 9, 2007

Vienna Trip

Had a pretty good trip to Austria this week from the point of view of a good business meeting and also seeing something of a city that I have never visited.
Vienna is a fantastically impressive and obviously once opulent city. The architecture is stunning.

This last photo is of a very classy restaurant called the Vestibule that is actually in what used to be the Queen's private entrance to the Burg Theater. However classy it may be, but I just couldn't believe the 'aiming point' in the porcelain in the gent's loo!!


Cynnie said...

My brother in law has to travel a lot for his job..he swears that vienna is THE most beuatiful place in the world.
You lucky fucker you!

shellz said...

I went to Vienna last year on some business. I found it beautiful, but kind of bloated and austere. I like Prague MUCH better - more energy in the city.