Thursday, February 1, 2007

Irregular Postings

I know I am not a very frequent blogger, at least not as prolific as many of you that I read, but I do try to post at least a couple per week.

However over the next 3 weeks I will be travelling on business for 3 days each week so I may not get too much of a chance to post very frequently anyway.

The good bit though is that I will be visiting Vienna, Lisbon and Rotterdam, so besides having some anecdotes to relate from there, I will hopefully have some interesting photos as well.

At the very least I am betting that I will have some ‘people watching’ material from the airports to post!

Wish me bon voyage

1 comment:

Cynnie said...

have a fun trip !..
Send me a postcard ? please ? pretty please ?

I'll send you my address if you email me