Sunday, February 11, 2007

ID Check?

I have just remembered an amusing incident in the hotel in Vienna that I forgot to include in my previous post.

I went to the gym in the hotel before breakfast on the two mornings that I stayed there. The first morning was not a problem. However on the second morning I was half way down to the basement from my 6th floor room when I realised I had left my room key in the room! No problem, I thought I will simply go to the front desk and get another one (one of these electronic / credit card types).
So I was stood there at the desk waiting in line while another guy checked out (I'm always polite like that) and when he had finished I explained my predicament to the clerk and asked for another key. "Have you any ID?" he asked.
Do I look as if I have any I replied standing there in only shorts T-shirt and a pair of trainers!!!!

I think he then saw the funny side as he gave me a key


Meander said...

lol...i am picturing this scene. wanted to say thank you for coming to visit me on my blog...i hope to come visit you often!

Liz said...

Thank you for visiting my blog too!

I've never been to Vienna - in fact most places I've never been too!

When I worked before marriage I lived my gran. AS she was ageing I approached personnel and asked what the procedure was for time off for caring for sick relatives. The young lad I spoke to asked me, 'Can you let us know in advance?' I suppose there was some logic in it but it didn't make much sense at the time.