Thursday, February 1, 2007

Important News Item

The BBC (UK national broadcaster) run a 5 minute news bulletin every hour on the radio station that I listen to in the car on the way to work.
This morning the 3rd item was that Tiri Te Kanawa is being sued for pulling out of a tour with John Farnham (who he?). The reason - She has seen a dvd of one of his performances and is concerned that his fans seem to throw their underwear at him on stage and what is more he picks them up and brandishes them as trophies!

Come on guys aren't there more pressing newsworthy items in this ailing world of ours? Do we really care about fans' knickers, Kiri Te Kanawa or even John Farnham? I can't even be bothered to find out who he is!

I got an unplanned additional workout in the gym this morning as the sound system wasn't working in the Spinning Studio so we all had to wheel our Spinning bikes into the other studio. What a farce that was with 15 of us wheeling them through the gym causing havoc to all the other users on the way.

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