Wednesday, January 10, 2007

New Year’s NON-Resolution

So having said that I was not making any New Year’s Resolutions but made some sort of half-hearted commitment to making my gym regime a little more of a ‘must do’ rather than something that is always the first thing to be sacrificed in favour of other tasks.

Well my start on this was to change my attendance at Spinning classes from Monday evening with the occasional Sunday morning thrown in, to Tuesday & Thursday morning before work and again on Sunday morning. I intended to add two additional weight resistance sessions on Monday and Friday mornings before work.

I don’t know what has made this work for the past two weeks (OK I know its still early days) but I not only still feel totally committed to this regime but I think I am getting almost obsessional about it!

I am getting such a buzz from the Spinning classes that I feel much more alive when I get to the office and I am getting fiercely competitive with myself over the progression of weight/repetitions during my resistance workouts.

Can I maintain this? Time will tell

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