Thursday, January 11, 2007

BLOG Publicity & Sharing

I read a post yesterday where the writer was so pleased that she overheard a really nice comment about her from her husband to his friend. She was so pleased because she said "he doesn't even know that I know" yet she was telling all of her blog readers about it.

So, I was thinking to myself as I drove into work this morning, how many of us have told our partners that we have a blog? I know I haven't.
Its not that I wouldn't want her to know about it or to read it, but it feels like just an additional little outlet for my feelings and somewhere where I get some good advice from time to time that I like to keep a little secret.
Isn't that odd when it’s available to the whole world to read and comment on?

To take that thought to the next stage, how many of us tell anyone at all about our blogs? Do we just wait to be discovered?


Further on up the road said...

Well my Mrs does know of it's existance. Does she read it? No. And I'm partly glad - as you say it is a part of me that is an additional outlet esp. emotionally.

I have done some "blog publicity" but have mostly found that few people who've I've advertised to have stuck around - with a few obvious notable exceptions.

Most of the regular readers and commenters to my blog are those who discovered me via me commenting on thiers or other peoples blogs. They are much better - they are there cos they want to be and wish to join the party.

Cynnie said...

No spouse here to read my blog . And if i did have one i think i wouldnt want them to read it . .I like that my blog is just for me and a few people who ..'get` me