Friday, January 5, 2007

New Glasses

Well one pair of them anyway.
I received a call that both pairs were ready for collection and went in to get them today.
Eyesight - brilliant improvement especially the new long distance prescription, I didn't realise how much I wasn't seeing!
But that is where the problem started. When fitting them I asked for the fit to be tightened. No problem said the assistant, "I just need to bend the end of the arm straight and then curve it again with an extra centimetre." SNAP!!
"Well I have never seen that before" he said. "Before I send them back for a replacement arm, I better fix the other one in case it does the same" IT DID!

So I now have a perfectly good new pair of intermediate and reading bi-focals but need to wait another week for the long distance ones. Keep an eye open for me on the roads guys!


suzanne said...

Oh boy. Good thing you found out that they were so unreliable while you were at the store instead of when you got home!

shellz said...

Hey Deejay, thanks for stopping by my blog, and the link!! I agree completely, age IS all in the mind. I feel like I'm getting younger and younger these days!!!

Have a great day!!

Further on up the road said...

Hey you overhere!


I've tagged you so see my blog for details.