Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Tolerance Resolution is at risk!

So, driving in to work this morning there was a discussion / phone-in on the radio about what really bugs folks. This got me thinking about my previous New Year resolution comments about tolerance – or should I say intolerance.

It was really worrying how quickly I started to bond with all these strangers complaining about things such as the inane use of mobile phones in public confines like public transport, cafes, restaurants etc, telling other inconsiderates at the other end of the line where there were and exactly what they were doing. Often they are so loud they could have achieved the same objective by simply opening the window and letting their grating voices carry on the wind. There was a list of many other forms of irritation but before I could get into them, I was immediately transported to my own little agenda by the foreign lorry drivers behind me blinding me with headlights adjusted to the right , the imbecile travelling in excess of 100mph with only one headlight and therefore looking just like a motorcycle, several other inconsiderate car drivers sitting in the centre lane with no traffic whatsoever to their left who, when I overtook them and returned to the left lane, still stayed there!

Dammit I should have kept playing the CDs – it looks as though my attempt at tolerance is going to be sorely tried to manage the end of the week


Suzanne said...

Tolerance of stupidity is highly overrated, so you should not feel bad.

Further on up the road said...

The things you complain about get a lot of us riled. I agree with a lot of what you say - middle lane hoggers esp. idiots!

But - the radio - here's my advice. Some point last year I stopped listening to it and also most news shows. I used to be a current affairs junky, now I use an RSS feed from the BBC and only read the articles I want to - and reading a paper a couple of times a week. Modern radio and TV journalism is in my oppinion now nothing more than a group of wannabe celebraties who look for something to argue about with whoever they choose to interview. It was winding me up - and it doesn't need to. I exercised my choice with the off button.