Tuesday, January 16, 2007

What to blog?

I've been having some trouble over the past few days with consideration of whether the mundane happenings over that time have been worth blogging.
I don't think too many of my activities and thoughts merit sharing with the world (or that small portion of it that is aware of my ramblings).

Last weekend was of little note as I hid myself away for most of the time as my mother-in-law was visiting. It is not that I don't get on with her but she doesn't see too much of Mrs DJ and I tend to just let them get on with the girlie things like shopping, sewing and cooking up their newly discovered recipes. All the while of course talking about everything and nothing :-)

So I got all geeky and installed an external disk drive to my PC, partitioned and formatted it and set in place a backup regime. This is something that I know I should have done for years and I think I have been lucky to get away with it for so long. I have had two very near miss total data losses, but #2 son who is far more geeky than me has saved the day twice.

Taking inspiration from one of my favourite blogs People under the Stairmasters, I thought I would share a minor rant about a regular at my gym.
I usually arrive just before 6:30 (when they open) for a workout before I go to work. There are the usual regulars arriving at the same time including a woman that seems to need to bring 2 bags the size of suitcases to carry her change of clothes and whatever else women deem necessary after working out. She is already wearing her tracksuit and I assume her gym gear underneath it. Arghh don't go there I couldn't contemplate that!!
I don't know what it is about her that makes me consider her a pretty obnoxious person as I really have not spoken to her other than perhaps saying 'good morning'. Perhaps it is the fact that she never has a good word to say about the gym staff or the organisation of the gym. (She has had a field day recently as the gym has just changed hands and there have been quite a few changes).
However I suspect that the one thing that really turns me against her is her arrogant pushing to the head of the queue for the grand door opening ceremony at 6:30 and the rush to be "the first in the locker room". She appears to be completely oblivious to anyone else that is stood there even if they have their nose up against the door and somehow still seems to manage to get in front of them when the door is unlocked. ---- WELL SHE FAILED this morning as I was at the door first and call me un-chivalrous I was determined that she was not getting in front of me even though she still was able to get in front of the two others who were already behind me.

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Further on up the road said...

Mate - let it go! Don't play her games rise above her and be proud your not like that.