Wednesday, November 19, 2008

ABC Wednesday - R

R is for Rosetta Stone
I am badly prepared for this week's letter as I was going to showcase some of my own photos of the Rosetta Stone that I tool at The British Museum earlier this year, but have found that I do not have them on this PC - DOH!
So I am sorry you have to make do with these stolen from the following Wikipedia article

The Rosetta Stone is a 196 BC tablet of stone covered in hieroglyphics and was the key to our scientist, Thomas Young, being able to decipher hieroglyphs in 1822

If you want to participate in ABC Wednesday Round 3, then pop along to Mrs Nesbitt's blog of the same name and either share some of your own photos or simply visit the other participants and enjoy their stunning photos


Crushed said...

An amazing piece of history, the Rosetta Stone.

Rameses and Tuthmosis were the clues, apparently, the names he worked out first.

Merelyme said...

very you saw this up close and personal?

Liz said...

The patience of people who worked on this and other projects is amazing.