Monday, September 8, 2008

So much to write about, so little time to do it!

Despite a shocking weekend weatherwise, Mrs DeeJay and I were quite busy.
Besides our usual fun packed weekend of shopping and boring household things, we visited a local theatre (well actually some 40 miles away) to see Le Grand Cirque This short video struggles to do it justice as it really was mesmerising and stunning the agility, suppleness and balance that these performers had. They are apparently all ex professional and world champion gymnasts and boy does it show! We made a full evening of it by having pre-show dinner at an Italian restaurant and finally getting home again some time jsut short of midnight.

We seem to have a full schedule of upcoming entertainment already booked for September and October with the next show featuring Dennis Locorriere of Dr Hook fame, Joe Brown and his Bruvvers providing a blast from the past, Status Quo (well OK that is my own annual pilgrimage that I cannot persuade Mrs DeeJay to attend again after the bashing her ears took last time) and finally Mick Fleetwood's (of Fleetwood Mac fame) Blues Band.

Despite the weather I managed to get to the allotment to pick yet another bumper crop of runner beans which is surprising seeing as how late I put them in and how slowly they developed.

I also entered into a local 10k race which will take place in October that I will run for the British heart Foundation charity. I know that 10k is not really that far, but this is not primarily a charity run but is a proper athletics event with lots of 'professional' runners in it. I may need to find somewhere to hide when I eventually cross the line :-)

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Rinkly Rimes said...

The British climate at its worst (and I gather this year it HAS been at its worst) obviously doesn't stop you getting out and about. What a full life!