Monday, August 18, 2008

Olympic Medals

Are you enjoying the Olympics?
I am not following them avidly, but have spent a considerable amount of time during the first week watching some of the Swimming, Gymnastics and over the weekend the Athletics. What a wonderful series of performances by all of the British team (I refuse to call it TEAM GB - what is all that about?)

Discussing the current state of the medal table with one of my colleagues this morning we were bemoaning the comparison in the media of our tally of 27, 12 of which are Gold, with the tallies of China (65, 37)and the USA (66, 19).
We set to thinking about the comparative sizes of the countries and their probable expenditure on sports training etc.
To even up the books we considered a European Union comparison with these countries which would give a whopping great tally of 169 medals, 53 of which are Gold!!!

Put that in your pipe ................

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