Thursday, June 19, 2008

Last Day home!!

Tomorrow we fly all being well with Mrs DeeJay. For several weeks now she has complained intermittently about "an ear infection". I finally persuaded her to make an appointment with the doctor this morning after it flared up again yesterday - "you don't want to have a bad experience in the pressurised plane cabin, or not be able to go snorkelling do you".
It turns out that she has got something like some cotton wool bud stuck in it!!
The doctor couldn't retrieve it so she has an appointment very first thing at the local hospital ENT out patients clinic. Lets hope they can get it out without any serious effort.

I have ben off work a day early today to shop and pack etc. Why do it before when you can do it at the last minute :-). I have now finished and I am going to get in some serious guitar practice as it will be the last for 2 weeks


Further on up the road said...

take the guitar with you.....

I've done that on holidays and it's not been universally approved of as I've handed that as the first thing out of the boot as we reach our destination.... :-)

Re your comment on my blog... are you saying I'm a compulsive procrastinator? I'll have to think about that one.

Liz said...

Oh dear, poor Mrs Deejay. Hope they do the trick tomorrow and that you have a wonderful holiday.

jmb said...

Have a great trip Deejay. I am so envious. I do hope Mrs Deejay will be quickly sorted before you leave.