Monday, June 16, 2008

Four Days and Counting

Only 4 days to go (3 at work) before heading off for the unknown of Africa.
Mrs DeeJay and I spent some of the weekend sorting out our packing. Well mine was on paper as I am very much a list person while Mrs DJ spent a lot of time laying stuff out on a spare bed and then putting a lot of it away again to replace it with something else.
I am having awful trouble convincing her to really travel light this year. Eventually the scales will do the persuading as we are limited to 15kg because we have some travel to do mid holiday in quite a small plane, to say nothing of the daily trips between safari lodges.
I was amused to see not only how our packing approach differed, but also the content. Whilst her's was mainly, clothing and feminine stuff like cosmetics and facial cleansing etc, mine was very limited in that respect (OK lay off the jokes about the cosmetics) but was heavily influenced by cameras, binoculars, iPod, iPAQ and all the relevant charger gear. Must be my IT geeky background!


caroline said...

Woman always take more than they should and don't use half of it!!
Is there room for your stuff!
Have a good holiday where ever you are going.

Anna said...

Wow Tanzania and Zanzibar! Bring back lots of pics! Do they grow any interesting vegetables? I am so jealous. But we are going to France soon where at least there is good wine (but no elephants, very sadly).