Monday, May 19, 2008

New week Post

A pleasant but not a particularly eventful weekend.
I was lucky with the weather on Friday afternoon when I played my first golf match so far this year - and narrowly lost thanks to my opponent's lucky 40+ foot putt from off the green!!

Good weather allowed me to tend the allotment on Sunday where all six rows of potatoes are now showing good signs of growth, onions and shallots are well above ground and some of the seeds that I sowed a week or so ago are appearing. - I bet this morning's frost gave them a shock though. Frost in the 3rd week of May - what is going on!!
I also gave the lawns at home a really good cut (including the edges courtesy of Mrs DeeJay) and they are looking immaculate this year thanks to the Green Thumb treatment that I mentioned some weeks ago.

Poor old JT didn't fare so well at the Le Mans Moto GP this weekend where he left the track in a very ungainly manner. The race was fantastic though with many battles going on. Is it me or are these guys riding harder than ever this year?
I managed to find some time to ride mine this weekend and have used it for work again today. Its great to be able to get out on it again after the horrible winter. This Wednesday the bike club that I belong to have our annual Fish & Chip ride out starting at a dealer's in Folkestone and ending at our usual Fish & Chip shop on the south coast with some superb roads in between.


caroline said...

Hi yeh i watched the Moto GP you went out on your bike ohh i am jealous especialy a bike like that.I have a sports car, but would still prefer a bike. Where do you go to get the speed up?
Go to the TT Races you love it:0)

Further on up the road said...

Shame about JT - however Colin Edwards getting third shows the bike is getting there with the new engine. Lorenzo is quiet mad - riding to 2nd with two broken ankles!!!

Didn't do anything in the garden this weekend.... still you know me not the most natural of gardners. :-)

mrsnesbitt said...

We watched the MotoGP...have met JT and he is a fantastic chap. Have also met Colin Edwards too, another great chap. We are going to Assen at the end of June...wahhayyyyyyyyyyy! AND just making my list for the TT! What a month eh?