Monday, March 3, 2008

Rugby Story

Catching up on my favourite blog reads after my holiday, I was amused by Liz's post "At the rugby again" in which she recounts the tale of not being allowed to take her plastic bottle of water into the game.
Well some previous colleague's of mine in an earlier like went to the England v France match in Paris and were not allowed to take drinks into the ground. One of them had a large plastic bottle of water and hid it under his sweater to sneak it in through the gates. However they were all subjected to a swift pat down search and the bottle was discovered. At this point my friend declared in a loud pidgen French voice that "It is only PLASTIQUE!" - BIG MISTAKE, 6 French Gendarmes immediately surrounded them with guns drawn to counter the threat of this high explosive!
Stan never ever forgot that French lesson and knows not to mix up plastic and plastique


Further on up the road said...

I've long given up on it... almost every gig, sporting event etc. they won't let you in with them claiming the "It's for safety, you might throw it mate" Right nothing to do with the fact that instead of my Tesco 60p bottle of water I have to pay £3.50 inside the venue then?

Sorry cynical head on again...

Liz said...

A scary lesson to learn!