Monday, March 3, 2008

Back from skiing

Hey everyone it seems as though I have been away for ages and not just 7 days.
Maybe it is because although the skiing was great and the weather brilliant (panda eyes again!), I have not been too well during the holiday. I seem to have developed a really nasty bronchial and sinus infection. A visit to the local pharmacist procured an expectorant and some tablets but they failed to get me a good night's sleep with incessant coughing keeping both me and Mrs DeeJay awake for most of the 6 nights we were there. Now that I am home my local GP has prescribed some antibiotics that will hopefully clear things up.

As I said we did however manage to really enjoy the skiing in Italy at Passo Tonale. I don't know how much longer they will be able to keep the season going though as the decent weather is really taking a toll on the lower slopes now.

I think we managed to find Italy's answer to Fawlty Towers for this stay. The proprietor was always but always to be found lurking around the next corner wherever you were situated in the hotel. It really was a scream. We think that he was always prowling to check out that everyone was obeying the million and one rules that he had posted around the hotel. The most prominent of which was "It is forbidden to attach every type of domestic electrical appliance to the sockets in your room". What is with this guy is he worried that we are going to start syphoning off his electricity and re-selling it or something? How much power does a phone charger, an MP3 player or Mrs DeeJay's straightening irons really consume?

Any way glad to be back with you all and I will post some photos later

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Liz said...

You don't mean Mrs Deejay broke the rules for the sake of straight hair?!!