Sunday, August 12, 2007

My new hobby has commenced!

Well may not be in earnest just yet until I return from my business trip next week and then my holiday in 3 weeks after that, BUT, yesterday I bought my guitar.

Woohoo, I am a musician!!!

Here come the sore fingers, the frustration of being tone deaf and the formidable task of persuading my aged brain to memorise all those notes and chords.

I am going to get accustomed to it gently over the next few weeks and then get serious about some lessons when I get back from holiday and the winter months set in

I will keep you posted.


Bernie said...

Tackling new adventures like a flex wing flight and guitar lessons ... bravo! Creative aging is fun, isn't it?

Age is All in the Mind said...

hehehe "creative Aging", I just love that.
That is phrase that I am definitely going to reuse!

Anonymous said...

Pete has an electric guitar but needs to recommence lessons one day! Good Luck.