Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Has it been over a week?

I have just realised it is over a week since I last posted.
I just don't seem to have the time recently. There has been so much going on at work and at home.

I had a round of golf at the weekend with an ex colleague that I haven't seen for almost a year.
It was an extremely enlightening time as well as having a good round of golf in some brilliant weather. He is very much into NLP and we always used to have some pretty deep discussions about how to control your own emotions, attitudes and consequently your destiny. It was therefore great to talk about my current employment situation that he has not been involved with for over a year and to see how I had missed the debates that we used to have. It was obvious that I have let slip some of the principles that we used to encourage each other to adopt. ACTION - re-visit some of these and talk to said friend a little more often than I have been recently.

Next week I have a 3 day business trip to Zurich. Somewhere that I have not been before, so I am looking forward to a little sightseeing after work and to sampling some typical swiss cuisine and beer. Watch this space for the report back and photos


Liz said...

we'll look forward to hearing about the trip

Further on up the road said...

Zurich is great but pricy!

I've not been there for ages - it was a regular haunt back in the mid 80s when I supported a couple of banks there and used to regularly fly there.

Really nice old part of town with little shops and streets worth looking around from what I remember. Barnhopfstrasser (spl?) big shopping place. Take the plastic and get something designer for Mrs DJ

Anonymous said...

i hear ya. it seems that the summer is just too busy for blogging. i hope you come back to tell us about your trip.