Monday, August 27, 2007

Allotment Inspiration

Just for Anna to prove that you can win with a neglected allotment!



Unpremeditated said...

What an amazing transformation. Mind you, thanks to a punishing course of backbreaking total neglect I've almost completed the reverse in my own back garden.

Anna said...

Lovely! I really hope ours is half as functional. Would love to be picking my own peas this time next year. Do you know how many runner beans you've picked (and how many planted)? I am just wondering how many you are supposed to grow. We have been given bags and bags of surplus from a neighbour which makes me wonder if I might only need one plant?!!

Actually an idea of how much of other things would be useful, too. Is anything else as terrifyingly prolific? Have ordered 50ft's worth of shallots which was apparently a BIT foolish...... :-)