Friday, June 8, 2007

Photo Friday

I thought for a change I would follow the trend of many of my favourite blog reads and just post some pics today for no particular reason than I have them here to post.

If I do this again I will do it from my home PC instead of the one I am using at work (I'm obviously NOT working - but it is lunchtime so that's OK) because I have so many more photos there than the few I have to select from here.

So here is a random selection that has taken my fancy to post today.
Some hurricane pictures - scary! I'm glad we don't get them here

Some of my two babies!

And finally some from last year's holiday - I wish I was there now



shellz said...

Those beach pictures are inspiring! Where are those from?

Age is All in the Mind said...

Thanks for visiting Shellz
I took them last year at The White Sands island in The Maldives.
The one looking out to sea under the palm was taken while I was lying in the spa after my massage


tkkerouac said...

I wish I was there too, thanks for stopping by.