Monday, June 4, 2007

A Gardening Weekend

Well, the weather was ideal for it and the damned slugs have had a great feast on much of my emerging crop, so I decided I should commune with nature this weekend and replace the carrots, cabbages and parsnips and also plant out cauliflowers, radishes, dwarf beans, sweetcorn and leeks.

Sunday afternoon was particularly pleasant as I was the only person at the allotments and there was friend the robin to keep me company.

The potatoes are coming along nicely and the fruit bushes are showing signs of a reasonable crop to come. The runner beans are looking a little sad but they were late going in and I let them grow too leggy in the pots.
Mrs Deejay decided to join me after all the bending and digging was done to harvest some of the spinach for dinner. Well OK she did cook the dinner, except for the chicken which I barbecued whilst imbibing the obligatory glass (or two) of wine.


Anna said...

Your runner beans look a lot better than mine! Why do they sulking about being kept in a little longer? Some of us would be glad of it. I'm going to sow some more this weekend and see if they catch up - interesting to see if that works. I have a brown envelope of French Bean seeds from the Heritage Seed Library to try out, too!

Loved the blog - more allotment pictures, please!

Anna said...

"do they sulking" - nice.

Anonymous said...

your garden looks wonderful! i have been so busy with other things that i have no garden started. i will have to enjoy yours vicariously.