Thursday, May 24, 2007


Why is it that although the weather is fantastic, therefore I am biking to work and having a ball, I am feeling pretty low and very very tetchy?

I guess it may simply be a factor of consolidated small things that are bugging me.

One of my favourite bloggers is feeling even worse than I am as she has been diagnosed as probably having MS. I am trying to give her comfort but it is so difficult at a distance.

This week I lost a ring that had significant sentimental value then had a battle with my insurers to establish that I had cover. Eventually they have admitted negligence in the issuance of relevant policy documentation and have agreed to honour the claim – a result!

On the same day I had to replace two tyres on the car which set me back a whopping £375.

I also learned this week that I have not been selected for interview for an application I had submitted internally for another job. I was convinced that I would at least get to interview and this view has been supported by my current manager.

My current work is also not going well with significant problems being caused by the U.S. team’s slippage of the deliverables that I am responsible for implementing in Europe. Added to that the working relationships within the EU team are at an all time low with folks covering their a****s because they can see the slippage causing further issues downstream.

So all in all not a good week so far with small, niggling pressures that I suppose are all contributing to how I feel today. Still thanks guys for letting me get it off my chest and allowing me to think it through. I think it may be helping already.


Liz said...

Bank holiday is coming up - a long weekend!

Husband works for an American company and they're useless it seems to me. Couldn't plan a doodah in a wotsit. Yet it's a worldwide business. Beats me.

Shirl, on my list of friends, has MS if your friend wanted to talk to someone who knows what it's like - but she's not at all well at the moment so she might depress your friend even more! No, I don't think she would; she's very good and upbeat about it.

Keep me away from your friend though. A man in church was diagnosed as having MS and in an attempt to console him I asked if he watched West Wing, 'as the president in that has MS and he does fine!' Afterwards I couldn't quite believe what had come out of my mouth!

Further on up the road said...

But look at what you have rather than haven't. You have the bike - which you didn't a year or so back. You have a car that requires £375 tyres rather than no car etc... And I won't even start with family etc. :-)

I know where you are on some of this very well. So someone makes an arbitary decision on a job so they can chose someone else other than you - who they probably always really wanted anyway.

You've referenced Shellz post already. Very relevant.