Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Biking with The Police

I know that this post is out of sequence, but it has taken a while to get around to it.

Which reminds me, did you hear the one about a man who bought his wife a round wooden platter with the word ‘TUIT’ engraved in the centre? When she asked what it was for he said “well you are always saying that you will get around to it, so I bought you one!! - groan

Back to the subject matter; my motorcycling with the Police. No this was not Sting as Furtheron conjectured but the Kent fuzz.

They run what is called a Bike Safe training day for motorcyclists which I attended last Friday. I would thoroughly recommend it for any of you bikers out there whose local force runs these days, and many of them do.

I had an extremely enjoyable day as well as picking up some good riding tips. Being followed by a Police motorcycle who has condoned exceeding the National Speed Limit from time to time is a real buzz.

The format of the day is a minimal classroom session and then out on the road with 2 candidates to 1 Police motorcyclist (in full regalia which made for some interesting looks from passing motorists when we were having roadside de-briefs!)). We covered about 130 miles of very mixed roads, made even more interesting by my fellow rider missing several signals to turn off so we had to resort to some very narrow and wet lanes to get back on track. The day was from 09:00 to 16:00 (ish) and included a typical bikers lunch at the Ogri Café Horam where 6 Police riders and 12 candidates all met up to discuss the morning's ride.

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