Monday, April 9, 2007

Easter bunnies and chicks

I know Easter symbols are bunnies and chicks, but walking along the Royal Military Canal this weekend I had to take a photo of these serene birds.

A fascinating fact about the RMC is that it is built in stretches of straight canal of equal length of about a quarter of a mile before there is a bend. This is because when it was built as a defence, the maximum distance between the bends was just greater than that at which a musket could shoot, thus protecting the defenders from attack.

Watch this space for news of the imminent arrival of 'number 72' later this week!


Cynnie said...

So pretty..

its been gloomy here in Prico..
gloomy gloomy gloomy..

Further on up the road said...

No there's weird. We ended up walking some of the RMC this weekend as well? And we saw two swans! One however only had one foot, don't laugh it couldn't swim (paddle ... whatever) in a straight line. Poor thing.

Anonymous said...

hey there! it is meander here...i have changed my name and my blog as well. stop on by to my new digs if you get the chance...