Thursday, April 26, 2007

Blogger's Block

I haven't posted for over a week now.

Partly due to not having any time to do so (or perhaps to think about what to post).
I have been so very busy at work and also my 86 y/o mother who lives almost 250 miles away has been very poorly, so I went to visit last weekend. That in turn made me extremely tired when I came home and even less inclined to post. She seems to be making some sort of recovery but it has left her very weak and without the will to go on.
I suspect that I will travel to see her again this weekend so will probably not post again for a few days. However if she is truly feeling better and my brother who lives only 45 miles away can cope with caring for her, I may just go and work on my allotment, get away from everything and lose myself in my own thoughts.


Cynnie said...

isnt it sad when they get frail?

My mommy is only 65 and she's in very good shape..thank god..
I dread the inevitable..

rest up baby..blogging is serious work !

Hattigrace said...

Cynnie is right. It is so sad to see our pillars of strength turn frail. This is where our great faith strengthens us, that life is truly eternal. . . temporarily we are here, but we shall be together eternally in our perfected bodies with the One who breathed life into us.

Thanks for the visit! And may God visit you with His grace and strength.

Anonymous said...

hello...just checking up on you...i hope you are doing okay.