Monday, March 26, 2007

A Mixed Weekend

So Saturday was not too good a day because of the weather limiting what I was able to do; especially on the allotment. However it did enable me to clear up some jobs around the house that I have been putting of for some time now and Mrs DeeJay was glad for that.

It also enabled me to make a serious start on tracing my family history. I managed to find a great deal on both sides of my family where there are some extended local connections. Unfortunately I have been set a problem to solve with my paternal grandfather, who I never knew. When he married my grandmother he was in the armed forces and was not a ‘local boy’. I know his birth year, from his marriage certificate to my grandmother, but do not know the exact date or where he came from originally so I nee to get sleuthing but there are really not too many left of the generation that might have some clues.

Sunday was allotment day. Not a great idea as I returned to my gym weights routine on Saturday after several weeks layoff and then went to my Spinning class on Sunday morning – ouch!

However I managed several hours and made some good progress but as you can see there is still more left to do than I have already done!

The other good thing about digging, in solitude except for the birds singing and my friendly robin coming down to my feet to see if I was digging up any grubs for him, was the time I had to think. I have been getting pretty depressed by a few things recently and this time alone in some nice weather allowed me to start getting some of them into perspective.

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Cynnie said...

I love digging around out in the yard..
i love anything physical...
nothig like actually working at something to ease your soul..